The mission of Mercy Baptist church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through proclaiming his gospel to the world we live in. To fulfill this mission, we preach Jesus Christ, one verse at a time, through the entirety of the Holy Bible.


Mercy Baptist Church first organized on March 14, 2001. The Church was founded as an independent Baptist Church with an emphasis on the basics of Christianity. Brother Terry Bowen was called to be its founding Pastor and would serve until Nov. 3rd 2012.

Worship services were initially held in a converted Taco Bell restaurant at the corner of Eastway Drive and N. Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. In 2003 services were moved to a 7000 sq foot worship center located on Fairhaven Dr. in Charlotte N.C.

On June 9th, 2013, Frank Jolly was called to and assumed the responsibilities of Pastor. Prior to his arriving at Mercy, Frank had served as Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Monroe NC, itinerant speaker, elder and some evangelistic work in the ministry.

The early days of ministry at Mercy had many challenges. The church was in decline, the bills were behind, most of the congregation had left. The Pastor and the congregation saw this as an opportunity to emphasize the gospel message through expositional preaching in hopes that the church would be stabilized. We are pleased to announce that, by the grace of God, the ministry here at MBC.

Since those early days we have seen the church blessed with steady growth in the gospel. In 2017 Mercy Baptist sold its worship facility on Fairhaven dr. and Purchased 7 acres of land in Indian Trail NC. The church met in a rented facility for 18 months while the new worship center was being completed. Mercy held its first meeting in June of 2019 in its new home.

More important than buildings, programs and numbers is the ever presence of Christ in us, with us and for us. This is the main thing, and we aim to keep him as the center of all our worship and practice. The existence of Mercy Baptist Church is due to the dedication of God’s people to hold true to the word of God and the faithfulness of Jesus Christ to keep our light shining.

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